Végh Júlia Zsuzsanna



Fiction of the reality

In the Fiction of Reality series the continuous search fueled Julia Vegh’s art: understanding the world and the self in its own existence and in its relations. In this ongoing quest she sought out to find such transparent layers which enable us to contemplate ourselves at a different state of mind, and the world becomes perceivable on a different level. She is interested in the interactions of the objective reality and the subjective perspectives of the indviduals. Wherever we travel in the world and visit big cities, the first that catches our attention is the endless flood of advertisement around us. Other, more natural, more human impressions come after. In this chaotic carnival many experience born and die without even being recognized. We need to filter out the noise to really see the meaningful details. In every big city – let’s say Berlin, Paris, New York or Budapest – there are invisible or rarely highlightened forces at work to control and to limit these enthropic processes. We walk among street signs, red lights stop us, policemen, ambulance and fireman arrive within minutes if an accident occures. The paintings of Julia Vegh transform the chaos of the city into an organized, multi-layered visual experience. She intensifies individual tragedies and social encounters. Her artworks re-evaluate everyday happenings and develop them into meaningful moments, worth for documenting. Her own collection of photos collide with media photos; their narrative value and function change as the dialogue of the transparent layers begins. She adds surreal elements which widen the range of associations, although they still reflect on our bare reality, instead of retrieving into a fantasy world. The compositions reanimate our personal stories with creating new web of connections between the elements. The Fiction of Reality doesn’t lack irony; the Central European phenomenons show a specific way of life that cry for critique. Her collages focus on showing the sarcastic aspects of the present, and the deeper meanings of seemingly unimportant scenes. The Fiction of Reality revolves around the individual’s archiving mechanisms, and gives a contemporary interpretation of the palimpsest’s tradition.

Tanszék: Festő
Diploma Típusa: Olajkép